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Interview: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato talks about Corsica, beautiful raw materials and why it’s important to use your nose

What got Marc-Antoine Corticchiato into the world of perfumery is his love for plants. The founder and perfumer of Parfum d’Empire, a chemist by training, lets his intimate knowledge of raw materials shine through his line of 15 fragrances, which magnifies with boldness and excessiveness nature’s most beautiful ingredients. Last September, as he launched Musc Tonkin in […]

What do you Flair #31: Sophie, Paris

Sophie Grenier, 46 ans, sociologue et direc­trice de la prospective et de l’innovation à l’agence de design Dragon Rouge. J’ai un nez très développé depuis toujours. Quand j’étais ado je me souviens que ce qui me sensibilisait chez les garçons, c’était souvent l’odeur de leur pull! Qui en fait sentait bon la lessive… A l’inverse, une mauvaise […]

An (other) hour with Atelier Cologne

Their success story would make a perfect scenario: Sylvie Ganter-Cervasel and Christophe Cervasel both worked in the perfume industry when they first met. It was love at first sight. After they chucked everything to live their love story, they transformed their mutual passion for Cologne into the perfume house they created in 2008. Atelier Cologne now sells its […]