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Eric Buterbaugh: Hollywood’s favorite florist takes up fragrances

On Europe’s side of the Atlantic, his name rings no bell. Yet, in Los Angeles, florist Eric Buterbaugh is a star, almost as famous as the stars (the real ones) he provides for. With over 15 years in the business, Eric Buterbaugh is – just so you get the picture – the man who covered […]

Pour Toujours, the inspired fragrances of Martine Denisot

The six first Pour Toujours fragrances smell like a personal success. Success of giving life to an idea that had been maturing for a long time in the head of Martine Denisot (in case that name sounds familiar, yes, she is the wife of Michel Denisot, a famous journalist and TV host down here). Actually, […]

Speed Smelling: when IFF perfumers are given carte blanche

If they care a little about perfume, the public is familiar with names such as Jean-Claude Ellena, Olivier Polge or François Demachy. Those of Loc Donc, Domitille Bertier or Nicolas Beaulieu, not so much. Yet, all these people are contemporary perfumers and the creators of fragrances sold and worn today. But the big difference is […]

The rebirth of Jean Patou perfumes

Joy Forever, launched this fall, heralds the great come-back of Jean Patou on the scene of French perfumery. Founded in Paris in 1914, the legendary house of couture and perfumes survived the abrupt death of the man who gave it his name, in 1936, and kept on presenting haute couture collections until 1987. The house, […]