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Working with the nose: Christelle Noël, sweet flavourist at Givaudan

   From the classic vanilla, strawberry or chocolate to the most original tastes (burger or oyster-flavoured chips, yogurts that taste like tarte tatin…), each of the aromas the food industry puts on the shelves of our supermarkets has been composed by someone whose job it is to make them. There are few of these special […]

Working with the nose: Thierry de Baschmakoff, designer and founder of Aesthete agency

Perfume bottles can make as big an impression on us as the perfume itself. Sometimes mere containers, sometimes true artworks, they incarnate the perfume they hold and are thus the object of very special care from the brands. Thierry de Baschmakoff has been designing perfume bottles – among other things – for more than twenty […]

Interview : Christian Astuguevielle, artistic director for Comme des Garçons’ fragrances, talks about beauty, freedom, and geometry of taste

Christian Astuguevieille, artistic director for Comme des Garçons’ fragrances since 1994, blows an avant-gardist breeze on the juices of the house founded by Rei Kawakubo. It is to this man, who likes to tackle our expectations rather than please them, that we owe the brand’s line of unique perfumes – a collection where the smells […]

Working with the nose : Sophie Pierre, haircare project manager at IFF

People like her make our everyday life fragrant. A haircare fragrance development manager for International Flavors & Fragrances, Sophie Pierre invents the smell of our shampoo bottles. And thus the smell of our bathrooms, here in France as well as in the whole world. A crucial mediator between perfumers and the clients for whom they compose fragrances, […]