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Working with the nose: Christelle Noël, sweet flavourist at Givaudan

   From the classic vanilla, strawberry or chocolate to the most original tastes (burger or oyster-flavoured chips, yogurts that taste like tarte tatin…), each of the aromas the food industry puts on the shelves of our supermarkets has been composed by someone whose job it is to make them. There are few of these special […]

Kado, Berlin (English)

It is quite rare to come across such a specialized store: Kado sells liquorice, nothing but liquorice.  Liquorice in rolls, in sticks, liquorice spirits, liquorice powder, covered in chocolate, sweet, salty, tangy, sugar-free, liquorice Salmiakki and its unexplainable ammonium chloride taste – nordic countries are crazy about it – and little metallic boxes that will […]