Hermès is in the house

Hermès keeps inviting its creations into our homes: after Le Bain Hermès, bathroom declinations of its Colognes and Jardins lines, the House launches a brand new fragrant line for our interiors. Luxurious and relevant objects, somewhere between useful and beautiful, in the purest tradition of Hermès.

Perfumer Celine Ellena, daughter of in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, composed these five beautiful smells which, just like daydreams, address our imagination: : Temps de Pluie, Des Pas sur la Neige, Fenêtre Ouverte, Champ Libre and A Cheval !, which smells a lot like the sublime Cuir d’Ange from the Hermessences collection.

To release these fragrances into the air, designer Guillaume Bardet has created three families of more or less nomadic objects. The candle cup, which comes in three sizes, is characterized by the contrast between its white, matte ceramic outside and its shiny, bright-colored enamel inside. Also in ceramic, the fragrant pebble, a true little sculpture, is surprisingly light to the hand. A discreet companion for travellers, the paper origami horse can be slipped into a suitcase to carry, somewhere else, the smell of one’s home.

Fragrant candle cup, 150€, 250€ or 350€.
Fragrant pebble, 200€.
Fragrant paper origami horse, 62€ les 4.

To discover on Hermès’ website.

PDM - whole collection


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