Carrière Frères’ naturalistic candles

DSC_0194I have a massive crush on Carrière Frères ever since I discovered the brand’s candle line. The house, born in 1884 and just recently revived by the Cire Trudon team, introduces a first collection reminiscent of botanical notebooks. These 24 one-scent candles are divided into four categories: woods, herbs, flowers and fruit. The label on each candle gives the Latin name of its main ingredient, along with an illustration that looks straight out of a 19th-century encyclopedia.

The candles’ fragrances were composed by Robertet and Charabot: these two perfume composition houses based in Grasse also produce high quality raw materials, some of which are used in these candles. This may account for the incredible subtlety the fragrances. I particularly loved the tuberose, thyme, orange blossom and tomato leaves. Made of paraffin and colza oil, the wax used by Carrière Frères preserves the essences’ integrity and will burn up to 50 hours for a candle weighing 185g.
Sold in Paris at Cire Trudon’s boutique on rue de Seine, the Carrière Frères line has just made it to the shelves of Nose.

Flowers: orange blossom, tiare flower, jasmine, lavender, lily of the valley, tuberose, Damas rose.
Woods: Pine, agarwood, cedar, cinnamon, ebony, amber, sandalwood, burnt wood
Fruits: melon, fig tree, tomato
Teas, herbs, roots: tea, spice tea, basil, rosemary, thyme, ginger.

185g, 40€



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