Blanc de Courrèges

Back in white

Blanc de Courrèges marks the beginning of a new olfactory chapter for the couture house, who celebrates its 50th birthday this year. After reediting Empreinte and l’Eau this spring, Courrèges, who hadn’t created a single fragrance since 1977, has asked Julie Massé (Mane) to come up with a brand new juice, one that says both “2012” and “we’re still the same”. Julie Massé has picked a Moroccan Iris as the unifying theme for the fragrance: petals in the head note, flower in heart and roots in base note, which gives it a powdery, luminous feel that lasts hours. “If I chose iris, one of the most expensive raw materials in perfumery, it is because I wanted a quality perfume”, the young perfumer explains.

The juice

Blanc de Courrèges opens like a sugary, fizzy and slightly tangy explosion of litchi and pink bays, before it unveils a softer heart note, where Iris and Grasse rose absolutes are felted by a tender heliotrope note. Only a few hours later do the white musk take over, leaving on skin an overwhelming scent tainted with patchouli, Courrèges’ signature ingredient.

Available in September


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